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tracking technology

Using actigraphy, lark tracks millions of micromovements every minute in order to calculate how long and how well you've slept each night. Actigraph units use accelerometers and timers to track your sleep patterns. Wear it on your non-dominant wrist for best results.

Lark Pro - Vibrating Alarm Clock

Lark Pro - Sleep Tracking

vibration technology

Dynamic vibration technology was designed with top sleep experts for a wake up experience that feels like you woke up naturally. lark’s gentle vibration can reduce heart rate variability, stress levels, and blood pressure spikes, all of which are known to cause that awful groggy feeling in the morning.

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silent, vibrating alarm clock

Dynamic vibrations wake you gently each morning, and nobody else.


bluetooth transmitter

Automatically sends your sleep data to your mobile device and online portal.


intelligent accelerometer

Uses actigraphy to tracks thousands of micro-movements each night.


comfortable and adjustable

Soft, breathable and adjustable to any size wrist for pajama-comfort.

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Upgrade to lark pro

and get a year’s worth of sleep assessments to see how you’re improving over time

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