lark™ | Silent Vibrating Alarm Clock

The Original Silent Vibrating Alarm Clock

Lark's features help you wake refreshed instead of alarmed and even help you discover some of the secrets of your sleep.

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Silent Alarm

silent alarm clock

snooze setting

lark has been shown to reduce the need to snooze. But if you like to tack on a few more minutes to your sleep each morning, lark makes it simple with customizable snooze settings of up to 30 minutes and an easily accessible snooze notification on your mobile device.

time in bed calculation

When you set your lark alarm clock before bed, it instantly lets you know how long it’ll be until your lark wakes you up the following morning. Instead of having to do the math in your head, lark helps you to understand how to get the most sleep each night.

back-up alarm

The dynamic vibrations are designed to wake even the deepest sleeper, but a composer-written audio back-up alarm will make sure you wake up no matter what.

bluetooth connectivity

lark connects to your phone automatically using Bluetooth® connection for transmitting sleep data in the morning and setting the alarm at night.

dynamic vibration

lark's dynamic vibration pattern gently nudges you awake without bugging anyone else around you. lark's gentle vibration can reduce heart rate variability, stress levels and blood pressure spikes-all of which are known to cause that groggy feeling in the morning.

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sleep tracking

sleep tracking

actigraphy tracking

Used widely by sleep clinics to track sleep quality based on activity, actigraphy tracks millions of micro-movements every minute, and then calculates exactly how long and how well you've slept. Developed with Stanford sleep specialist, Cheri Mah, lark shows you the changes you can make to sleep better.

automated sleep journal

A bedside sleep journal can never give the detailed, accurate information that the lark wristband captures and analyzes for you. Easily also share your information with a medical professional or even just with friends.

sleep data summary

See how last night’s sleep compares to your weekly, monthly and all time sleep data averages. lark automatically calculates averages when your data syncs after each use. You can also see how smaller periods of time compare with your all-time use.

trigger tagging

Identify the factors that affect your sleep each night. Whether there was noise outside your window or you had some caffeine late in the day, you have the option to track what’s getting in the way of your sleep or what’s helping you to sleep better.

sleep notepad

Whether you are looking to track what you dream about each night or just want to make some notes on the factors that affected your sleep through the night, lark gives you an easy space to keep track of that information.

mood tagging

Sometimes, lark’s sleep summary will match with your mood in the morning and sometimes they won’t. When you wake up each morning, you can tag how you’re feeling, which makes it easy to see how certain factors and habits affect your mood in the morning.

online portal

Get expert sleep coaching with personalized recommendations and see how you’re doing in an easy-to-understand way. The online portal gives you a better understanding of how you sleep and how to improve. You can even share your sleep information with a medical professional.

benchmark comparison

See how close you come to the 7-9 hours of sleep recommended by our sleep experts. Check out how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night, and then see how you compare with expert recommendations.

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Sleep Features

free coach trial

7-day sleep assessment

Developed by some of the world’s top sleep experts, lark’s 7-day sleep assessment tracks your sleep for a week, and then turns it into personal coaching specifically for you based on your Sleep Type.

see a sleep snapshot

See how you’ve been sleeping over the past week, month or the entire time you’ve used lark. Get the big picture on how your sleep is improving or how other factors affect your sleep.

get an action plan

After each 7-day assessment, you get a sleep plan specifically for you, which includes easy-to-follow sleep recommendations from the world’s top sleep scientists and researchers.

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