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Share the great benefits of Lark Pro, personalized by 23andMe with your friends and co-workers.

How It Works

  • Share your personal invite link below with as many people as you like.
  • Have your friends use your link to download Lark.
  • Make sure your friends connect their 23andMe kits with Lark.
  • If your friends successfully enroll in one of Lark's referral-qualified programs, you will earn an Amazon Gift Card.
  • Return to this page to get your Amazon gift card code!

Reward Payouts

  • 23andMe Wellness: $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 23andMe DPP: $10 Amazon Gift Card

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Program Rules

  • To qualify for referrals, you must be a 23andMe Lark Wellness or Lark DPP user.
  • Referrer's will receive 1 gift card per qualifying enrollment.
  • Referred friends cannot already be enrolled in a Lark program.
  • Referred friends cannot have been enrolled in a Lark program in the past.
  • Rewards cannot be redeemed as cash.