Manage Your Stress and Health with Free, 24/7 Access to Lark Wellness

COVID-19 has thrown many of our lives off-balance, The stress associated with social distancing, financial concerns, and separation from our loved ones can easily have a negative impact on our health. To help, Amwell has teamed up with Lark to provide free, 24/7 access to a smartphone-based app that offers coaching support for your overall wellness including stress management diet, exercise, and sleep through August 31st.


What You'll Get With Lark

Free access to the 8 week Lark Wellness Program where you can choose focus areas like “Stress Less”. With “Stress Less” as your primary goal, you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to quick, fun, on-demand stress management exercises
  • Mood logging journal
  • Additional coaching on other areas that impact stress and health including activity, sleep, and nutrition
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  • 1. Get the Lark App

  • 2. Set up an account

  • 3. Pick a Wellness Goal


    You can select any of the Wellness Goals listed. If you’re feeling the stress of these times most, we recommend selecting “Stress Less”.