Eight Tips for Fighting Hangry Feelings

Feeling “hangry,” or anger due to being hungry, can lead to some serious consequences. You may have known this for years, but researchers are just starting to recognize the possible effects of being “hangry.” It turns out the drawbacks of being “hangry” can be further-reaching than simply feeling uncomfortable.  People who are hangry regularly snap […]

Carbohydrate Serving Sizes Demystified

High-carbohydrate foods such as French fries, chocolate cake, and white rice may not be the best choices for preventing prediabetes or losing weight, but including nutritious carbs choices can have the opposite effect, as foods such as whole grains, fruit, certain starchy vegetables, and beans may lower risk for obesity, diabetes, and/or other conditions. As […]

Moderate Carbs for Maximum Health

By now, after so much time with Lark DPP, you may be almost an expert at nutrition for prediabetes. There have been a lot of messages about weight loss strategies and choosing healthy foods to lower diabetes risk.  Carbohydrates have been in the spotlight, too. Having too many can be bad for weight loss and […]

Rice, Corn, and Buckwheat and Your Prediabetes Diet

Following a smart prediabetes diet means paying careful attention to carbohydrates and choosing high-fiber, nutritious choices, including grains. The Lark DPP check-in introduced rice, corn, and buckwheat as three grains that can affect your blood sugar in different ways because of their different contents of fiber and other nutrients. The forms you choose and the […]

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