How to Add Your Diabetes Medication into Lark

August 10, 2020
How to Add Your Diabetes Medication into Lark

Do you ever forget to take your diabetes medications, and remember only when it is time for your next dose or when you measure your blood glucose and find it to be higher than you expected? You are not alone. Only about 3 in 5 people with diabetes take their medications properly most of the time.

Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most important things you can do to hit your blood sugar targets. Lark’s personalized coaching can include help with medications in addition to reminders. This is how you can add your medications into Lark to take advantage of medication coaching! You’ll learn how your meds impact your blood sugar over time, which can be great to show your family or your doctor!

Calculate Your Risk of Diabetes

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How to Add Your Meds

1. Select your profile icon:

It is in green and it looks like a person inside of a circle (or your photo if you set a profile photo).

Starting Lark Hypertension for high blood pressure

2. Tap on “Settings”:

It looks like a gear icon, just like the “settings” icon in many apps, and it is a round, white icon.

Lark Health coach app

3. Select “Coaching Preferences”:

Lark Hypertension coach

4. Change “Using medication” to “On”:


Medication for hypertension

5. Tap on “Medication Reminders”:

Medication reminders for hypertension


Medication reminders

6. Input the name of your medication.

7. Input the time of day you take that medication.

This is when Lark will remind you to take it.

Then, add any others you’d like to be reminded about as well.

Calculate Your Risk of Diabetes

Age 40
low Risk

Why Adding Your Medication is Important

Support your medication use by using Lark to help you remember and to guide you in making other healthy choices to lower blood sugar. Lark can help you set and work towards weight loss and physical activity goals, as well as guide you towards eating more nutritious foods, managing stress better, and measuring your blood sugar as often as your doctor recommends.

The average person remembers to take their meds every day about 50% when they do not have an organization or reminder system. Lark can help you remember to take your medication as often as you need, helping you build a healthier routine and reach your goals!

Controlling your blood sugar is the goal if you have diabetes, and the choices you make throughout each day have the greatest impact on your blood sugar. Lark for Diabetes is there for you, anytime and anywhere via your smartphone, with personalized and compassionate coaching.