Stress Less Like a Pro with Lark

Stress Less Like a Pro with Lark
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Too much stress can get to you, both mind and body, but you can stress less like a pro with Lark. Better stress management can reduce negative effects of stress, such as anxiety, bad moods, body aches, and even weight gain and increased risk for chronic conditions. If stress is “situation normal” for you, this is what to know for stressing less like a pro with Lark.

What Is the Lark App?

Lark programs offer coaching to help you reach health and wellness goals by making small behavior changes and turning those changes into habits that are sustainable long-term. All Lark programs share common characteristics, such as a compassionate Lark coach, unlimited Lark chats, and all the tools you need to make small changes to drive big results. 

The Lark app is the platform you use for your specific program. The “Stress Less” program in Lark Prevention is for managing stress. To do that like a pro, the Lark app lets you learn about and practice strategies for handling stressful situations and events. In addition, Lark offers coaching on nutrition, physical activity, and more behaviors that can affect how stress affects you. In the app, you can chat with your Lark coach and log information such as your mood, a meal, or some exercise. The Lark app is easy to use, with an intuitive interface. 

Unlimited Lark Chat

A key resource available through Lark Pro is its unlimited availability. You can use Lark as often as you want, whenever you want, including nights and weekends. The Lark chat can be about topics such as a new stress management technique or how a meal that you just logged might be related to your stress. When you want to tell Lark how you are feeling, talk about a meal, or just check in, just open the Lark app. Lark is ready for you, even at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. Sometimes, that’s when stress can strike hardest.

All About Your Lark Coach

Your Lark coach is there for you every single time you open the Lark app. Unlike with a nurse’s hotline, where you may get a different nurse answering the phone each time, your Lark coach is always the same one. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Lark remembers everything about you and increasingly personalizes your coaching as you continue your Lark journey.

This familiarity not only gives you the opportunity to have more personalized Lark chats, but also may encourage you to open up to your Lark coach. Always empathetic and never judgemental, Lark understands if you are having a bad day or something is getting in the way of your goals. This compassion as you navigate daily stressors can help you stay motivated, and allow you to overcome the tough days and weeks that everyone experiences at some point.

If you are wondering about the qualifications of your Lark coach, you can set your mind at ease. Lark programs are the result of collaboration by experts in stress management and related areas, such as weight loss, nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change. Your program may include stress management techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and accepting stress and your feelings. Other tools that you can learn in Lark include how to respond positively to challenges while in the moment, and visualizing success. Lark can also help with setting priorities and balancing work, health, and life.

Features of Lark Stress Less

Lark programs have features that can lead to your success. Along with knowledgeable and compassionate coaching, as well as an easy-to-use interface for Lark chats, Lark is available 24/7 to coach you on your terms, wherever you are. Your Lark coach may provide valuable insights such as noticing that you have not been sleeping as much as usual, and therefore might want to be extra cautious about making healthy choices to help manage stress.

Meal logging, physical activity and sleep tracking, and weight loss monitoring are all designed to be simple in the Lark app. Instead of worrying about calorie counting, for example, Lark nutrition coaching places emphasis on areas such as making smart choices and eating mindfully.

A unique feature of Lark is its in-depth missions that are geared towards helping you hit your goals. Each mission is designed to take a week and includes 7 check-ins, one for each day. You can take longer if you want! Titles of missions in Stress Less include, “Getting to Know Stress, “Self Care,” “Move More, Stress Less,” and “Eat Well, Be Well.”

Becoming a Lark Pro

There are some things you can do to be a pro with Lark and manage stress better. One of the biggest tips is to stay engaged, which can include practicing stress management techniques when Lark suggests it,  logging your meals, signing into the Lark app daily to get through your check-ins and missions, and making sure Lark picks up on your workouts and sleep patterns.

It can help to keep your phone on you so your Lark coach is always at your fingertips. That way, you can also get every notification when it comes, such as a reminder that it may be time to take note of how you are feeling or to log a meal. Keeping your phone on you also lets Lark detect your physical activity. You may even get a notification reminding you if it’s time to get moving.

Stressing less like a pro with Lark can be a rewarding experience as you learn new strategies, collaborate with your Lark coach, and feel better all around. Getting started is easy, and you can start to work with the Lark app whenever you are ready!