Chronic Disease Management

Lark Health's behavior change health coach app with scalable population health for your employees. Provide support for major chronic disease states with personalized care management, using AI and clinical science. Because everyone deserves to walk in the park.


Bringing Compassionate Care to Millions

Chronic disease accounts for at least 7 of the 10 leading causes of death and 86% of all healthcare spending. Healthcare systems are poorly-equipped to handle this epidemic as most chronic conditions require continuous intervention to make the behavioral and lifestyle changes needed to effectively manage them. Lark's digital health platform enables broad scaling of frequent, high-touch, personalized, behavioral interventions aimed at lowering member costs, and as such has become an essential part of preventing and managing chronic conditions. 

How HR Can Cut Chronic Disease Costs

Employee wellness programs can be as diverse as the companies that offer them. Employees are likely to be able to choose whether or not to participate, unlike with healthcare insurance programs that may be mandatory. Employees might carry out healthy behaviors at home or at work, attend health fairs, or sign up for smoking cessation programs.

When properly implemented, a successful employee wellness program can not only improve the health of your employees, but also increase their productivity and helping your bottom line by lowering member costs. HR leaders today are tasked with creating a wellness program that is valuable and cost effective for their company. Planning your strategy to ensure the health and wellness of your employees is set to be a top priority in 2019 for enterprises as health costs paid by companies per employee continues to rise.

Top Ways HR can impact chronic disease prevention and costs

To help you navigate the high costs chronic diseases can have in your enterprise, download Lark Health’s whitepaper, Top Ways HR Can Impact Chronic Disease Prevention and Costs.

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