How Healthy is Colorado?

Colorado is known for being one of the healthiest state in the United States, and may still be ranked as one of least obese! However, obesity is still a major public health crisis in Colorado. Pre-diabetes affects almost 1 in 3 Coloradans, the stage just before Type 2 Diabetes!

In 2017, the adult obesity rate increased from 20.2% in 2016 to 22.3% in 2017, over a 10% increase in just one year.

As of 2018, 22.6% of people who live in Colorado are considered obese.


Obesity rates, as broken down by age, race, and gender


Although Colorado may be one of the healthiest states in the United States, that doesn’t mean residents do not need to worry any less about maintaining a healthy weight. Pre=diabetes can be reversed with a healthy lifestyle, and you may even get a covered Fitbit, smart Digital Scale, and year-long Health Coaching program if you’re at risk. Let’s do this, Colorado.

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