Because everyone with a chronic condition deserves care & compassion

That’s why we combined cutting edge AI with behavior change design & smart connected devices to create the most cost effective, scalable, & personalized disease management & prevention platform in the world.

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Lark can provide a blood pressure cuff, glucose reader and a comprehensive A.I. health coach app.

Every member is different. Their coaching should be, too.

Applying AI to augment the power of human coaches and training it on over 1.9 million patients has led to the only context-aware and hyper-personalized care platform to drive behavior change in chronic disease management and prevention at scale. As the 2nd largest Diabetes Prevention Program provider and the fastest growing company in Diabetes and Hypertension disease management, Lark is helping payors and self-insured employers improve the health of their members.

  • Health data monitoring from smart, connected smart devices.
  • Translates readings into insights to make healthy habits and behavior change intuitive.
  • Drives behavior change at the moment members are actively engaged with their health.
  • Proven outcomes in 13 journals and analyst reports.
  • Scales care with seamless deployment and enrollment.

Bring condition management to all members with one platform