Every Member is Different & Deserves Personalized Coaching

We create personalized care management, using AI and clinical science, that delivers scalable positive health outcomes across the major chronic disease states. Lark has rapidly become the 2nd largest Diabetes Prevention Program provider and the fastest growing company in Diabetes and Hypertension disease management.


Bring condition management to members on one platform

Chronic disease accounts for at least 7 of the 10 leading causes of death and 86% of all healthcare spending. Healthcare systems are poorly-equipped to handle this epidemic as most chronic conditions require continuous intervention to make the behavioral and lifestyle changes needed to effectively manage them. Lark's digital health platform enables broad scaling of frequent, high-touch, personalized, behavioral interventions at low cost, and as such has become an essential part of preventing and managing chronic conditions.


Transforming Healthcare with A.I.

After 6 years of cutting edge R&D with A.I. technologists, top health and behavior change experts from Harvard and Stanford, Lark has developed an award-winning A.I. Engine that can provide 24/7 real-time personal support to millions in a consistent, scalable way. A.I Coaching recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Bill's blood sugar, focusing him on Digital Nutrition Therapy, while medication and stress impacts Emily’s more, therefore focusing her on adherence and CBT. Interpretive support ensures that every member understands their readings and trends and has actionable feedback delivered compassionately on their time.

Best of 2016 - Google

Google names Lark
“Best of of the Year” in Health Category

Lark uses cutting edge A.I. to provide 24/7 support in real-time in a scalable way.