If You Didn't Qualify, You're One of the Lucky Ones!


What does it mean to "Qualify"?

Qualifying for the prevention program means you're at-risk for type 2 diabetes and likely have prediabetes. The considerations that go into calculating whether you're at-risk are:

  • Your BMI, which determines if you're overweight.

  • Whether You're Active or Not (not getting > 2 hours per week of activity increases your risk of developing diabetes)

  • Your Family History (if you have genetics that are predisposed to Diabetes, then it increases your risk)

  • Your Age (your risk gets higher as you get older).

  • Your Gender.

  • Whether You Have Hypertension.

  • Whether You've Been Told You're Prediabetic (of course that automatically qualifies you).

  • Of course, if you're already Diabetic you are not at risk for diabetes. However, we do have a separate free program for those with Type 2 Diabetes (Click here).

Prediabetes is the precursor to type 2 diabetes and it is reversible with lifestyle changes.

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