DPP Scalability: Urgent But Possible

Diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in the country with an annual cost of over $245 billion for healthcare expenses and lost productivity. The problem is that only a small fraction of high-risk individuals are in a DPP and getting the support they need to lower their diabetes risk.

Why is this, and what can you do to reverse the trend? As the second largest, and fastest growing DPP in the country that is Fully CDC Recognized, Lark shares insights on how to affordably design a DPP in this easy-to-read white paper.

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Let's Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

Developed with Stanford and Harvard health and behavior change experts, Lark's Digital Diabetes Prevention Program is an award-winning coaching program that’s proven to help members develop healthy habits and lose weight at scale, so they can focus on what really matters- living their lives.

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