Consent and Release of Liability

Lark has agreed to run a pilot program for FCR employees granting access to their diabetes prevention

and management program (the “Program”) through use of their proprietary software and technologies

(“Technologies”), including Lark’s mobile application.

In exchange for participation in the Program, I, the user, have read and agree to the terms


1) I understand that a physician should be consulted before participating in any health program.

2) Participation in the Program is completely voluntary, and I have the right to decline to

participate. I do hereby give my full consent to participate in the Program.

3) FCR makes no warranties or representation of Program results.

4) I release FCR, its officers, and employees from any all liability, loss, demands, damages, costs,

expenses, claims, actions or causes of action for injuries, losses or damages of any kind to

persons or property sustained in whole or part, directly or indirectly in connection with, arising

out of or resulting from my participation in the Program or use of Lark Technologies. This

indemnification shall include attorneys’ fees incurred in defending against any claim or

judgement and incurred in negotiating any settlement.

5) Any expense incurred as a result of my participation in the Program shall not be the

responsibility of FCR, its officers, or employees.

The user has read the foregoing Consent and Release of Liability agreement, fully

understands it, and agrees to its terms.