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Identify, Enroll, and Engage Members Easily

Lark app communicating with a user.

Identify Population

Lark Health helps you identify individuals in your population who have each the chronic condition using eligibility files or claims data and supports member verification.

Lark app confirming health plan member ID.

Verify Population

We enable real-time verification to determine whether a member is eligible for the benefit to ensure a seamless member experience and no-fuss billing and claims.

Enroll your population with our out-of-the-box solution

Enroll Population

We provide an out-of-the box patient enrollment strategies using multiple digital channels and advanced technologies that enable frequent touch points to support behavior change.

Seamless device delivery with the Lark App.
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No-Risk Performance-Based Billing

Performance based billing, while critical to showing ROI and aligning incentives, can actually prevent the latter if done wrong. While competitors maintain such a high early price point that they must cherry-pick members already likely to be successful in a program, Lark emphasizes the ability to actually change behavior in a broader number of people, and reflects this in our pricing.


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