Lark Enables Over 200 Employers to Lower Health Costs

Lark provides disease management and prevention to hundreds of self-insured and fully insured employers, with seamless deployment to at-risk employees in an experience that they love.


Identify, Enroll, and Engage Employees Easily 

Chronic Disease Management and Lifestyle Change Made Easy

Identify populations

Lark identifies employees in your population who have diabetes, hypertension, or pre-diabetes using eligibility files from your health plan.

Verify population

We enable real-time verification to determine an employee’s eligibility, ensuring a seamless experience and no-fuss billing and claims.

Enroll population

Lark provides out-of-the box employee enrollment strategies to ensure that those who need it most get enrolled and engaged quickly.

Lark Health is Fully CDC Recognized for its DPP.

Easy Implementation and Enrollment for Employees

Thank you so much Lark family. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you guys. You have given me my life back in so many ways. It tears me up looking at the difference and how far I have come. 

- Nicholas, Lark User

Nicholas is enrolled in Lark DPP.

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