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Getting Started – Employers

Lark Enables Over 200 Employers to Lower Health Costs

Lark provides disease management and prevention to hundreds of medium and large employers, with seamless deployment to at-risk employees in an experience that they love.



Every employee is different. Their coaching should be, too.

Lark has developed the first context-aware and personalized care platform for chronic disease management and prevention. Lark helps more than 200 employers improve the health of their employees and drive cost savings.

  • Health data monitoring from smart, connected smart devices.
  • Translates readings into insights to make healthy habits and behavior change intuitive.
  • Proven outcomes in 13 journals and analyst reports.
  • Scales care with seamless deployment and enrollment digitally and in the workplace.

Lark Health is Fully Recognized, Certified, and Clinically Validated

HITRUST Certification
Full HIPAA compliance
Accredited for medicare and medicaid services outcomes

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