A free health benefit from your employer

Are you looking to manage your high blood pressure? Enroll in Lark's award-winning hypertension program for free, and receive a smart digital blood pressure cuff valued at $60+.

While supplies last, members enrolled in Lark will receive:

  • Smart digital blood pressure cuff

  • 1 year access to your personal health coach, Lark Diabetes Care


How Can I Get Started?

Find your employer and see if you are eligible for your own personal hypertension coach from Lark Health!

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Lark can provide a blood pressure cuff, glucose reader and a comprehensive A.I. health coach app.

How Lark Works

Your Lark coach is here to help you tackle your hypertension.

  • Lark monitors your health data from connected smart devices.

  • Lark translates your readings into insights to make healthy habits easier, including stress tips to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

  • Lark tracks blood pressure level readings and charts over time to help you understand your health trends.

  • Lark gives you a personal, 1:1 health coach to help with stress, nutrition, sleep habits, exercise, medications, and more!