Scholarship | Strong, Resilient, and Healthy

Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

Koda Minz-Kammer

In a time when natural disasters, political unrest, poverty, and disease seem to accelerate,

our planet and its people feel on edge. As we are trying to adapt to the stimuli and challenges of our fast paced environment our nervous systems often become stressed and overloaded. I believe that a chronically compromised nervous system can lead to anxiety, depression, migraines, dementia, alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. According to the World Health Organization, neurological disorders are one of the most prominent threats to public health today. I hope to reverse this trend by developing a health care protocol specifically designed to regulate and strengthen the human nervous system. My passion for this goal has emerged from living with Tourette Syndrome, a genetic nervous system disorder. Being able to build a more resilient nervous system via exercise, nutrition, sleep, and meditation has had an astounding positive impact on my health and well being. I experience every day how taking charge of my health makes me more powerful than my disorder and would love to share that feeling of resilience and empowerment with the world.

The nervous system is the body’s master control unit which governs: how our brain communicates with our body, controls our movements, affects our intelligence and learning, as well as how we respond to our environment. The healthcare blueprint I plan to develop will include:

  1. a specific workout with exercises that decrease stress and build resilience

  2. a diet plan that boosts neurotransmitter production and improves communication between


  3. Meditation or guided visualization exercises to help regulate the sympathetic and

    parasympathetic nervous systems

  4. a protocol for effective sleep patterns that recharge the body

  5. other resources I have not yet found

So far my passion and ideas are solely based on my own experiences. I look forward to learning as much as possible about the human body during my Health Science classes in college and look forward to conduct research on how to best support the nervous system together with my professors and peers.

I believe that Lark Health already has all the technology and resources in place to incorporate a health care protocol that builds a strong and balanced nervous system. Lark’s digital therapeutics could be used to measure blood pressure, heart rate and track the activation and health of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The “Coach 24/7 Pro” App could serve as an invaluable resource providing very specific advice and support, helping people to become as healthy, regulated and resilient as a possible. I am inspired by the idea that a nervous system healthcare protocol combined with state of the art technology could provide millions of people with the opportunity to take charge of their health and I would love to work with and learn from Lark Health in the future.