We Analyzed the Latest Trends in Medicare Advantage. Here’s What We Learned.

What can you do as a provider to lower costs and give more coverage to Medicare Advantage Members? We made an infographic to study the trends for 2020.
Natalie Stein

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

What can you do as a provider to lower costs and provide more coverage to Medicare Advantage Members in 2020?

Do you know which plans are leaving in 2020? Or what new quality of life benefits will be added in the coming years? We’ve gathered the latest trends, coming change and statistics for Medicare Advantage providers to help you stay up to date with the latest.

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As Baby Boomers age out of the workforce and will need healthcare coverage and benefits provided, enrollment has never been higher, or the population larger. With over 77 million people considered to be a part of the “Baby Boomer” generation, a tremendous amount of strain will be placed on Medicare Advantage to provide from them. Costs continue to rise as well, as chronic conditions place a cost burden on general practitioners to provide 24/7 care.

This population is also demanding more benefits outside of hospitals. Multiple supplemental benefits will be added for those enrolled in Medicare Advantage that falls under “quality of life” improvements. Benefits such as home care, non-medical transportation, nutrition programs, and home modifications such as grip bars in showers will be more easily available. These will provide critical services and support that make it easier for those with chronic conditions to live healthier lives. Additions like these will hopefully prevent costly injuries, such as falling in the shower, which will lower costs to insurance providers as well.

How can Medicare Advantage providers help mitigate these costs? That’s why we combined cutting edge AI, behavior change design, & smart connected devices to create the first integrated, cost-effective chronic disease management & prevention platform.