Kroger Cares and Lark Health

Managing your Diabetes just got so much easier!

Kroger Associates living with diabetes can now access Lark’s App, a digital smart glucometer for measuring blood sugar, and unlimited strip refills, completely free!

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Kroger believes that your Diabetes should be easier to manage.

Kroger associates with diabetes can access Lark at no additional cost. Easily track glucose, food, meds, activity, and even your sleep.

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Lark can provide a blood pressure cuff, glucose reader and a comprehensive A.I. health coach app.

Easy, Automated Strip Refills

Your Lark coach is here to help you tackle your diabetes.

  • Lark knows when you’re running low on tests strips and lets you order more instantly.

  • Lark monitors your health data from the connected smart device so you can keep an eye on it or share it with your doctor.

  • Lark translates your readings into insights to make healthy habits easier, including food tips to help maintain a healthy blood sugar.

  • Lark gives you a personal, 1:1 health coach to help with stress, nutrition, sleep habits, exercise, medications, and more!


How do you get Lark Diabetes Care + a digital glucose meter and unlimited strips completely free?

Click the button below

Use your link below, then open the app in your app store.

Confirm your name & birth date

Answer a few easy questions to confirm your identity.

24/7 Diabetes Coach

Enjoy easier tracking, alerts, a free glucometer and strips, and compassionate coaching when you need it most.


Personal Diabetes Coaching

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help with nutrition, blood sugar monitoring, activity tracking, and guided support to manage your diabetes! Is your diabetes more sensitive to your diet or your medication? What about stress or sleep? Lark's app learns about you and adjusts its coaching according to how your body works! Plus, Lark connects to over 120 devices if you already have your own blood glucose monitor!