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Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

Developed with Stanford and Harvard health and behavior change experts, Lark is an award-winning coaching program that’s proven to help you develop healthy habits and lose weight, so you can focus on what really matters- living your life.

"Best of 2016" - Google
“Top 10 Apps” out of all 2 Million. - Apple
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“Lark, Uber, Airbnb, Snap among "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World” — Business Insider
“Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year” - Forrester

What makes Lark different?

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Health Tools Delivered to You!

We’ll send everything you need to your home: a wireless scale, Fitbit, and an app to automatically track
exercise, sleep, and meals, all already linked to your account so your Lark Coach knows how to help. 


Track your weight with the free
wireless scale from BodyTrace


Track your activity with Fitbit Flex
Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband


Get 1-on-1 private coaching 24/7


Coaching, done differently

Get 1-on-1 support when you need, as much as you need, from your Personal Lark Coach. No hour long meet
ups with a big group, no scheduling appointments, no talking in front of others, no joining online classes. 


1-on-1 private coaching, available 24/7.

The chats between you and your Personal Lark
Coach are always private, and she will always
respond within 2 seconds, even at 1AM on Saturday.

3 minute texting check ins for busy people.
As many as you need.

Check in with your coach for just 3 minutes a day with text
and you’ll see the same great results as intensive In-Person
Diabetes Prevention Programs. Chat as much as you need. 

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A 16 week tailored program with 4 steps

To help you prevent diabetes and lose weight, your Lark Coach uses scientifically-proven
methods to train your mind to build healthy habits for life instead of depriving yourself. 

Being more active

Eating healthier

Stressing less

Training your mind to
make it easier

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Scalable Outcomes

Lark has combined cutting edge A.I with clinical science to deliver scalable outcomes. Our first DPP study showed equivalence to live healthcare professionals.

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A.I with Behavioral and Clinical Health Experts built in

The world’s top health and behavior change experts at your fingertips.

After 6 years of cutting edge R&D with A.I. technologists, top health and behavior change experts from
Harvard and Stanford, and even an NBA and NFL coach, texting with your Lark Coach is like getting personal
coaching from these experts, who are always there for you. 


With proven results, Lark’s Diabetes Prevention Program is the only program of its kind that is recognized by
the CDC and available at no cost to you as an insurance health benefit.