Managing Chronic Disease for Medicare Advantage Plans

managing chronic disease


Chronic condition management is critical in Medicare Advantage, which covers 1 in 3 Medicare enrollees and spends over $200 million annually on chronic conditions. Tertiary prevention, such as improving patient lifestyle and other behavior choices, can be effective in improving outcomes and lowering costs, but the extent of behavior change is limited due to barriers such as provider shortages. Lark is an infinitely scalable solution that helps patients make lifestyle changes to manage chronic conditions.

Download to learn:

  • The role of tertiary prevention in lowering incidence of type 2 diabetes and medical costs related to managed chronic conditions.
  • Why an infinitely scalable chronic disease management platform can increase access to more Medicare Advantage enrollees.
  • How participants who used Lark have demonstrated outcomes such as 4.3% weight loss and a reduction in systolic blood pressure of 11 mm Hg.