Omron® Clinical Study Infographic

Omron clinical study infographic


Hypertension costs the US an estimated $34 annually, is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, and contributes to nearly half a million deaths. Patient behaviors, such as medication adherence, weight management, and physical activity, can help control blood pressure. In this study, patients who used Lark along with a home blood pressure monitor reduced blood pressure, on average, by 8.4/6.4 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic).

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  • How patients with hypertension who used Lark in addition to a home blood pressure monitoring system had an average reduction in blood pressure of 8.4/6.4 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic).
  • Why reducing blood pressure by this magnitude leads to significantly lower risk for poor outcomes such as stroke and heart disease, as well as projected cost savings.