Closer Look: One-Year Study of Lark Health’s Digital DPP (n=610) Finds 4.2% Body Weight Reduction

March 13, 2020
Lark Digital Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes

Mean participant weight dropped from 223 to 213 lbs; 40% of participants lose >5% of body weight; ~$1,440 in healthcare cost savings per participant per year for moving from obese to non-obese.

Lark Health yesterday released results from a year-long study of its CDC-recognized digital Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in 610 adults at-risk for type 2 diabetes. After one year, participants on average lost 4.2% of their baseline body weight or ~10 pounds and reduced their BMI by ~4% from a baseline of 36.6 kg/m2. Over the one-year study period, ~12% (60 out of 505 participants) went from being obese to non-obese. Lark estimates $1,440 in annual healthcare cost savings for someone who is non-obese compared to obese, implying a potential reduction in healthcare expenditures of ~$86,400 in this study population.”