Lark Health’s Hypertension Management Program Paired with Omron Delivers Impressive Results

September 16, 2019
Lark Health's Hypertension Management Program Paired with Omron blood pressure

Lark Health’s digital approach to hypertension management significantly reduces patients’ blood pressure and risk of stroke after only six months — which should excite insurers looking to save on chronic care costs.

A recent study carried out by California-based chronic disease management startup Lark Health and medical devicemaker Omron shows that Lark’s hypertension program was able to significantly reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of stroke for patients after a period of six months. Lark’s approach to hypertension management combines real-time health coaching from an AI-trained chatbot — including hypertension education, nutrition coaching, and medication reminders — with routine blood pressure monitoring via Omron’s Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff.

Considering how expensive prescription drugs are in the US, we could see insurers giving more attention to digital solutions as they grapple with how to best address the country’s swelling healthcare costs. Nearly 50% of US patients taking blood pressure medication still exhibit blood pressure levels considered “uncontrolled,” according to American Heart Association statistics cited by Lark. And healthcare spending for people with hypertension is approximately $2,000 higher each year than those without high blood pressure — resulting in $131 billion more in healthcare costs nationwide, for instance.