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Lark Health in a Nutshell:

Lark is the world’s largest A.I. healthcare provider, having served nearly 2 million patients suffering from or at risk of chronic and behavioral health conditions. Lark partners with some of the largest national health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and self-insured employers in the country to deliver integrated, accessible, and effective solutions at scale. Founded by CEO Julia Hu in 2011, Lark has received numerous accolades, most recently being named as one of the 2019 CB Insights Digital Health 150, a quarterfinalist in the 2020 UCSF digital health awards, and one of Fierce Healthcare’s 2020 Fierce 15.

When Introducing our CEO.

Julia Hu of Lark Health

Julia Hu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lark Health, a chronic disease prevention and management platform that uses a cognitive behavioral therapy framework, conversational AI, and connected devices to help people stay healthy and in control of their conditions.

A serial entrepreneur, Julia was named to Business Insider’s 30 Under 40 Changing Healthcare list and number one in “Top 10 Women in Tech to Watch” and “30 Under 30” by Inc. Magazine, as well as “17 Female Healthcare CEOs to Know” by Becker’s Hospital Review. Prior to founding Lark Health, Julia ran global startup incubator Clean Tech Open, her own green buildings startup, and was an EIR at Stanford’s StartX. She received her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Stanford, and half an MBA from MIT before leaving to start Lark. Julia is a faculty member at Singularity University, on the board of the Council of Diabetes Prevention, and speaks regularly on digital health, IoT, and innovation on CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, MIT, and more.

Follow Julia’s latest updates on Twitter at @JuliaHuCEO.

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    Lark Health Chronic Disease Virtual Coaching Overview
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    Annual Luncheon 2017 Panel
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    Game Changers 2016

Mission Statement. Vision. Our Mark.

  • Mission Statement

    Lark, because everyone with a chronic condition deserves care and compassion.

  • Vision

    Through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, Lark will provide everyone who is struggling with or at risk of a chronic condition with an affordable, compassionate, personal coach who will empower them to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

  • Marks

    Lark Health has a variety of marks (logos, images, colors, etc.) for use when depicting Lark Health or it products. These marks can be used freely, but must not be altered or combined with any other mark.


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For Consumers: Employees and Members
  • Diabetes Care

    We care about you and believe that your Diabetes should be easier to manage. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Lark, your free mobile Diabetes Coach plus connected glucometer and strips, all for free!

    Lark’s Diabetes Care coach is the only diabetes platform with 24/7 health counseling, powered by A.I. and downloaded by over 1.9 million members. Is your diabetes more sensitive to your diet, exercise, or something else entirely? Track it, and stay on track, with Lark, the new coaching app provided free of charge!

  • Hypertension Care

    We care about you and believe that your High Blood Pressure should be easier to manage. So we’re pleased to introduce you to Lark, your free text-based heart health coach plus a connected blood pressure cuff, free of charge!

    Is your high blood pressure more sensitive to your diet, exercise, or something else entirely? Track it, and stay on track, with Lark! High blood pressure reduces heart function over time, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s get started!

  • Diabetes Prevention

    A Pre-diabetes diagnosis can be scary – especially if you have Diabetes in your family and have seen some of the difficulties of living with it. But a Pre-diabetes diagnosis means hope. With Lark’s award-winning Diabetes Prevention Program, you can potentially cut your risk of developing diabetes by over half by making lifestyle changes that help you lose extra weight, increase your physical activity levels, and make dietary change to improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

Lark is Trusted by Leading Plans.

My 4 week transformation. A much healthier way of eating, and 90 minutes of activity 6 days a week. I have more to go, but this program is really helping me to stay focused.

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