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Lark review: Nicholas lost over 100lbs on Lark’s DPP

“Thank you so much Lark family. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you guys. You have given me my life back in so many ways. It tears me up looking at the difference and how far I have come. In the post on Facebook first thing I did was give credit where credit was due to Lark. And I have had friends and family asking me to send them a link to look into for themselves. Thank you all for the support you have shown me this past year. Shooting for 100 more in yr 2. I'll keep in touch with progress as it is made."

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"Your app: I just wanted to tell you how much your app has helped me. I use your program daily for maximum results. I have lost 13.5 pounds by following the food guides and cutting back on carbs and fats, last year my A1c was 7.5 and, as of my yesterday's doctor visit, now am at 6.3. I hope to get the A1c down further and be off of my diabetes meds. Lark has had a big part in helping with these accomplishments. My doctor has never heard of your app. Why? I believe if more doctors knew about your app more people could see positive results. Thanks again Lark."

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“Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year” - Forrester

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Lark - Best of 2016 from Google

 “Best of 2016” - Google

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The first A.I to be CDC-Recognized and Payer Reimbursed.