Lark is Diabetes Made Simple.

Reyes employees living with diabetes can now access Lark’s App, a digital smart glucometer for measuring blood sugar, and unlimited strip refills, completely free!

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Highmark diabetes management

Lark believes that your diabetes should be easier to manage

With a smart, connected device that talks to you to help interpret trends, and 24/7 access to health coaching, the program makes healthy habits easier. Personal, 1:1 health coaching to help with stress, nutrition, sleep habits, exercise, medications, and more!

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free diabetes care for members

Easy, Free Strip Refills

Your Lark coach is here to help you control your diabetes.

  • Lark knows when you’re running low on test strips and lets you order more instantly.
  • Lark translates your readings into helpful tips to make healthy living easier.
  • Lark gives you a personal, 1:1 health coach to help with stress, nutrition, sleep habits, exercise, medications, and more.
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I’ve been on the Lark program now for about 6 months. For me, the biggest changes have been in a loss of about 40 lbs, and my A1c going from about a 10.4 to a 6.3. And the combination of using Lark, those results have led me to be able to do the things I haven’t done in years, like hiking waterfalls. Steven
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    24/7 Diabetes Coach

    Enjoy easier tracking, alerts, a free glucometer and strips, and compassionate coaching when you need it most.

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24/7 Access to Coaching and Advice

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help with nutrition, blood sugar monitoring, activity tracking, and guided support to manage your diabetes.

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