Lark for Android Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lark activity tracker?

Lark is your personal health and wellness assistant. You’ll find the Lark activity tracker app in Galaxy Gifts and S-Health on your Samsung Galaxy S5. lark interprets your activity data and coaches you to be the best version of you!

How does Lark activity tracker work?

Lark activity tracker works with the low-power sensors in your Galaxy S5. Just carry your phone around as you usually do, and the app will pick up on your activity data. More importantly, Lark activity tracker interprets all of this data for you and provides realistic, in-the-moment goals and suggestions.

How do I use Lark activity tracker?

Once you’ve created your account in Lark activity tracker, just use your phone as usual! Whenever you have your phone on your person, the app will track your activity. Come into the app for coaching insights and recommendations, as well as to view today’s data and your data history. 

Does lark activity tracker only work on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

At this time, Lark activity tracker is available exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Additionally, we have released Lark (Lark - Fitness, Diet, and Sleep Tracker + Text Feedback) on iOS. To find out when lark is coming to your Android device, sign up on our website at

Can I sync my external fitness tracking device to Lark?

We are currently looking into the possibility of pulling movement from different wearable devices and applications supported by Samsung. At this time we are unable to synch with Gear Fit or any other fitness devices. 

Will Lark activity tracker work in my purse or backpack?

Yes, Lark activity tracker can still record your activity in a purse or backpack. However, for the most accurate coaching and data, we recommend keeping your Galaxy S5 in your pocket throughout the day.

What activities does Lark activity tracker record?

Currently, the app tracks your daily walking, running, and stationary periods. 

Does the app have to be open to track my activity?

Nope! Once you’ve signed into lark activity tracker, your activities and exercises will be saved and kept for your records.

Wait a minute… won’t this kill my battery?

Absolutely not! Lark activity tracker gets its information about you in a very energy-efficient way (through the S5’s low-power sensors), so battery life does not have to be a concern for you.

I can't seem to input my name when I first setup my account?

This may be due to the type of keyboard you are using. If you are having difficulty entering your name, try going into the Android settings and switching back to the Samsung factory keyboard. 

Do I get to set my own goals?

Lark activity tracker interprets your data and provides personalized goals based on how active you are. So while you won't be able to type it in explicitly, you're actually setting highly realistic goals for yourself just by using the app. 

Is Lark activity tracker only in English?

Lark activity tracker is currently available only in English.

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