Coaching, done differently


All members receive a Personal Health Coach specialized for their chronic condition. 1-on-1 and available 24/7, their Lark Coach always respond within 2 seconds, even at 1AM on Saturday.

How is this possible?


No appointments and no long phone conversations, offer a texting alternative to your members, The same benefits as telephonic counseling, but for a whole new mass market population. 

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24/7 Health Monitoring


We’ll send everything members need to their home to manage their chronic condition: whether that’s a wireless weight scale, a blood pressure monitor, or an app to automatically track exercise, sleep, and meals, all already linked to their Personal Lark Coach.

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Lark is your smart data aggregation partner, seamlessly merging health data from 95% of all smart phones, and 70+ health monitors and apps, and providing you with the critical data and not just a firehose of unstructured data. 

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Predictive Nurse Triage

Optimizing your nurse network

While Lark Coaches handle the time-consuming non-clinical caseload,  we work closely with your team to define the clinically critical thresholds to seamlessly handoff members to your clinical staff, at the right time.