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How much do unmanagedchronic conditions cost?

Bring Chronic Conditions Care to More People

Lark has pioneered the use of technology to treat and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, prediabetes, and hypertension at less than half the cost of competitors.

  • 60 %

    have a chronic condition

  • 40 %

    have two or more

  • $3.15 trillion

    cost per year

Chronic conditions are extremely costly.

Lark leverages conversational AI, smart devices, and expert coaching to help you control them at less than half the cost of competitive offerings.

  • Annual Incremental Cost Per Person For An Uncontrolled Condition:
  • $5,700
  • $2,138
    Stress & Anxiety
  • $1,440
  • $1,240
  • $1,037
  • $744
    Tobacco Use

60% of your members likely have a chronic condition. Half have more than one.

Number of members
# with a Chronic Condition 2,750
Cost of Unmanaged Conditions $12,505,000

Program: Lark for Hypertension

Lark for Hypertension provides members with the tools to reduce and control their blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors.

Omron Healthcare: Lark helps reduce risk of heart attack

Study shows significant results for members after just 6 months

lark health for hypertension

Uncontrolled blood pressure costs plans $1,037 in incremental costs PMPY.

In the Beginning

4% controlled

96% uncontrolled

After 6 Months

40% controlled

60% uncontrolled

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Lark Diabetes Prevention Program

Lark’s Fully CDC-Recognized digital program is the fastest growing in the country and provides scalable outcomes at less than half the cost of other leading programs.

28% Dropped an Entire BMI Category

-4.4kg Weight Loss

-4.3% Body Weight Loss

360 Participant Study, Average Age 58 (at 12 months)

Keeping Prediabetic Patients Healthy At Home: Delivering Diabetes Prevention in Health Professional Shortage Areas


Lark for Diabetes

Lark for Diabetes, as a fully integrated digital solution, is positioned to address the significant clinical resource constraints that exist in current Diabetes care models that fail to provide the regularity and intensity of care that members with Diabetes require on a day-by-day basis.

Combined with a smart, connected device, conversational AI, and expert coaching, Lark for Diabetes is an experience that members love while being available to plans at less than half the average ~$70 PEMPM cost of leading competitors.

Change in A1c

Starting A1c 8.5%
Final A1c 7.4%
A1c Reduction 1.1%

Lark’s approach to treating diabetes is extremely effective. To make a dent in the nation’s diabetes crisis, we’ll need innovative approaches that can work at scale.

Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer, Joslin Diabetes Center

  • Fully CDC Recognized

    Lark Diabetes Prevention Program

  • HITRUST CSF Certification

    Only digital health platform with gold standard HITRUST security certification

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Your member data is safe with Lark

  • Accredited National Provider ID

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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