Top Ways Managed Medicaid Plans Prevent Diabetes

An insightful read on how Medicaid leaders are reducing the costs associated with the top drivers of health care expenditures - preventable conditions like diabetes.


Top Ways Managed Medicaid Plans Prevent Diabetes

Employee wellness programs can be as diverse as the companies that offer them. Given that we know how to prevent diabetes and there are DPP providers nationwide, why are cases of diabetes increasing, and how can we reverse the trend? The problem is that only a small fraction of high-risk individuals are in a DPP and getting the support they need to lower their diabetes risk.

When properly implemented, a successful employee wellness program to prevent diabetes can not only improve the health of your employees, but also increase their productivity and help your bottom line. Leaders today are tasked with creating a wellness program that is valuable and cost effective for their company. The health and wellness of employees is set to be a top priority in 2019 as healthcare costs paid by companies per employee continue to rise.

To help you navigate the challenges of preventing chronic conditions from eating up more of your healthcare spending, download the brand-new white paper, Top Ways Managed Medicaid Plans Prevent Diabetes.