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Read more about Lark's award winning disease management platform and its clinical outcomes in these visual white papers.


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Managing Chronic Disease for Medicare Advantage Plans

In this readable, insightful white paper, Lark’s behavioral scientists lay out the case for driving business results through scalable, digital chronic disease management.


DPP Scalability: Urgent but Possible

Given that we know how to prevent diabetes and
there are DPP providers nationwide, why are cases of diabetes increasing, and how can we reverse the trend?


Top Ways School District Leaders Can Impact Health Care Costs

An insightful read on how school district leaders are reducing the costs associated with the top drivers of health care expenditures - chronic conditions.


Health Plans Called on Lark to Show How to Improve Hypertension Management at Scale

Lark Health teamed up with Northwestern University and Omron Healthcare to conduct the first-ever clinical trial of AI health coaches for hypertension management at scale.


The Top Ways HR & Benefits Leaders Can Impact Health Care Costs

The dollars and cents need to make sense for HR to make the case that it is impacting chronic disease costs. Learn how a customized program can help with primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention by assisting covered employees in daily health behaviors.