Small Changes Today Can Prevent Diabetes Tomorrow

Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 adults has pre-diabetes, but almost 90% of us don’t know it yet? Take the quiz to see if you’re at risk and eligible for the free Diabetes Prevention Kit.

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Proven Health Program to Help You Lose Weight for Good

This CDC-approved program is completely free to you and helps you make the small changes that lead to lasting weight loss. It even includes a free Fitbit® activity tracker, a sleek digital scale, and all the coaching you could ask for. Check if you’re eligible in just 1 minute.
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Free Health Tools Delivered to Your Door: A Fitbit® and Digital Scale

We’ll send everything you need to your home: A wireless scale and a Fitbit® to get started. You'll have your first health coaching session on day 1 and be off and running immediately!

  • Track starting and trending weight with the smart digital scale.

  • Track activity with the Fitbit wireless activity tracker.

  • Get guided, 1-on-1 private coaching available 24/7.

An Experience You'll Love

You’ll have support to improve your eating, fitness, sleep habits, and more with interactive coaching and personal feedback. Over time, your personal health profile builds and you'll be able to learn more about your behaviors and tendencies. Leveraging AI, health coaching, peer support, and connected devices, you’ll get a deeply personalized plan to help you reach your unique goals.


Get Instant Feedback on Your Meals, Whenever You Want It.

Eating the right foods consistently is the hardest part about losing weight and keeping it off. Lark’s cutting edge technology  allows you to log meals by naturally describing them, either via text or voice. You can then get immediate feedback and guidance on how those foods might be contributing to, or taking away from, your long-term goals.

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