A new kind of compassionate care for chronic conditions

Lark uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and CBT to drive behavior change that helps people manage or prevent chronic conditions.

Proven outcomes for multiple chronic conditions.

Our platform leverages the collective power of smart devices & AI to produce proven clinical outcomes at scale:

  • 8.4mmHg

    decrease in SBP

  • 4.3%

    decrease in body weight

  • 1.1%

    decrease in A1c

An experience members will love

I just wanted to tell you how much your app has helped me. I have lost 13.5 pounds by following the food guides and cutting back on carbs and fats, last year my A1c was 7.5 and, as of my doctors visit yesterday, now am at 6.3. I hope to get the A1c down further and be off of my diabetes meds. Lark has had a big part in helping with these accomplishments.

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