Weighing In With Lark

Weight Loss

Weighing in is one tool to track your progress. Your weight loss is a journey, and stepping on the scale regularly helps ensure you make it to your destination. 

Research shows that people who weigh themselves often are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. Monitoring your body weight may increase your awareness of how changing behaviors can affect weight loss. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when stepping on the scale:

  • Enter your weight once a week to see your progress
  • Do it in the morning, on the same day each week
  • Take off your clothes or wear light clothing to get an accurate read
  • Set a weekly weigh in reminder 

It’s understandable if you are nervous about stepping on the scale. The scale does not define you as a person, it is a tool to give you feedback each week to guide you to your goal. 

How to get started 

If you have a Lark-compatible scale, your measurements will be uploaded to the Lark app directly from the scale.

  • You can sync measurements you have already taken, or step on your scale while using Lark for a real-time upload.

If you do not have a Lark scale, you can add weight manually through a weight form by typing in the weigh-in date, time, and value.

Logging your weight gives Lark more data to help personalize your experience and help you hit your health goals. 

Important! Healthy weight loss is anywhere from .5-2 pounds per week. Lark will let you know if your weight loss is too extreme. 

Step on your scale this week to reach your weight loss goals!