Preventing Diabetes Just Got So Much Easier!

If you’re currently living with prediabetes or think you are at risk of prediabetes, you may be eligible for the Lark Diabetes Prevention Program. See if you are eligible today! If you qualify, Lark is available at no cost to you through your insurance provider.

A $50.00 per month value for $0.00.

Am I Eligible?
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What Is the Lark Diabetes Prevention Program?

Those who qualify for Lark’s Diabetes Prevention Plan have access to the following at no cost:*

  • Year-long digital health coaching and prediabetes plan, available 24/7. Chat with your health coach virtually from home through private texting.
  • Log your meals and see instant feedback about your meal trends. 
  • Track your activity, sleep patterns, and set up medication reminders. 
  • Monitor your weight loss and health data from your connected Fitbit® and smart scale.

*Upon confirmation of eligibility into the Lark Program.

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Diabetes Prevention That Is Fully Recognized

Our Diabetes Prevention Program has Full CDC Recognition from the Center for Disease Control, and is clinically validated to help users control their prediabetes. 

Lark is HIPAA Compliant, ensuring your health information stays private. 

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I used to eat whatever I wanted whenever and now actually doing all the daily things with Lark has put things into perspective and made me make different choices with literally everything. Lark User
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Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help with nutrition, sleep, activity tracking, and guided support to manage your prediabetes.

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