Is a Fitbit® Covered by Lark?

The Fitbit is included with the Lark health coaching platform depending on one’s insurance coverage. See if you are eligible!
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We are passionate about providing scalable virtual care. We pioneered the use of AI for better health. Combining the power of data, behavior change science, and smart devices, Lark’s digital platform provides scalable, personalized coaching 24/7 to help people manage or prevent chronic disease.

Eligibility for a Fitbit® is based on your insurance coverage. Lark works with a large number of health plans across the United States who ultimately determines whether or not their members are eligible for Lark and can earn the Fitbit under their plan. Click the button below to see if you are covered by your insurance provider. 

How does Lark help people?

Lark helps people become healthier version of themselves by using small steps which lead to big results. The Lark coach helps tailor the experience to your own unique needs and is available 24/7 on your smartphone. Conditions managed include prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, stress, sleep disorders, among others. Different devices are provided free of cost based on a member’s insurance coverage—at no cost to them.

Which version of Lark includes a Fitbit® activity tracker?

The Diabetes Prevention Program, which helps people prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, allows people to earn a Fitbit® when covered by their insurance provider. 

What model Fitbit® is provided with Lark?

Eligible members receive a Fitbit Inspire 2™activity tracker after meeting specific Lark milestones. This device features 24/7 heart rate and activity trackers with up to 10 days battery charge, sleep tracking, water resistance, and more. It’s a great way to reward yourself for maintaining healthy routines with your Lark coach.

Does Lark provide a digital connected scale?

Another benefit to those eligible for the Lark Diabetes Prevention Program is a smart digital scale which members get just for signing up. The scale automatically connects to the Lark coach and helps track and celebrate progress along your healthy journey. Eligible members who participate over a period of time can also qualify for the Fitbit® activity tracker.

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