Is a Fitbit® Covered by Lark?

The Fitbit is included with the Lark health coaching platform depending on one's insurance coverage. Lark Health is currently a contracted and covered insurance benefit for many millions of individual consumers in the United States under a variety of health plans.

What Version of Lark® Includes a Fitbit® activity watch?

  1. Diabetes Prevention: Lark is free to consumers as a covered benefit if they are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes (Pre diabetes). Starting in 2015 and 2016, a number of national plans and employer-based health plans started covering diabetes prevention programs including Lark to help offset the high costs of Type 2 Diabetes once developed. As part of these Find out below if you are eligible.

  2. Diabetes Care: Diabetes Care does not include a Fitbit activity watch as a benefit.

  3. Hypertension Care: Hypertension Care does not include a Fitbit activity watch as a benefit.

  4. Wellness: Wellness does not include a Fitbit activity watch as a benefit.

If your insurance / health plan does not cover Lark's preventive benefit, then there may be self-pay options available. The consumer self-pay cost for the Lark App does not include any connected devices that are sponsored by and bundled with the Lark Coach as part of one's health benefits or the advanced, clinical A.I and human coaching components associated with the Diabetes Prevention Program versions. Most consumers choose to do a benefits check to determine whether they are one of the millions who receive Lark as a covered insurance benefit. Please find details on that below.

What about the Connected Scale?

The preventive insurance benefit for Prediabetes covers a digital scale that connects directly to your Lark Coach, as well as a Fitbit activity watch. In addition to receiving those devices as part of the program, you can sync one of the 110 other connected devices that Lark offers as part of it’s bring-your-own-device policy. The scale syncs automatically to your phone to help you track the correlation between your activity (Fitbit) and weight (scale)!

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