Modernize and Scale Care Management with Lark for Salesforce

Lark Health provides health plans an infinitely scalable, digital care solution for member engagement and care management . With Lark for Salesforce, take your health plan to the next level by activating the member to feel more empowered to engage with and take control of their health.

Lark adds value for payers

Scalable Member Engagement

Lark can be mass deployed - allowing HP to touch everyone (not just acute)

Improved Care Plan Adherence

Comprehensive prevention & management chronic care programs. Enhanced continuity of care

Complete Member 360 View

With data around member’s SDOH, behaviors, etc. Device readings and escalations to your care management team.

...and for members

Anytime, anywhere coaching

24x7, always on, unlimited interactions. Reduced fragmentation of care

Personalized engagement

Connected remote monitoring devices. Actionable insights and timely care reminders

Improved outcomes

Build sustainable healthy habits - Weekly educational missions to drive behavior change

Lark can help make a healthy lifestyle possible

Built on proprietary Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, Lark also leverages Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques as well as remote patient monitoring to help health plans and other organizations improve how they engage with and care for their patients. Lark works with some of the largest payers in the country and is contracted?  to provide over 30 million members and their care teams with personalized, AI-based digital care programs.  

Each program helps members work towards a specific health goal such as weight loss, tobacco cessation, stress and anxiety management, and more. Our DPP program is Fully Recognized by the CDC and also earned a designated NPI number as the first A.I. healthcare provider.

Latest Media

Recently at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s largest conference with over 40,000 attendees, Lark’s CEO Julia Hu alongside the CCO and CHO of Salesforce Healthhad the opportunity to share how Salesforce and Lark are working together on the future of care management. The panel focused on current challenges and the impact of innovation in the health and technology industries.

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In this webinar via AHIP, Kevin Riley, GM and SVP of Health and Life Sciences at Salesforce guides an engaging discussion alongside Salesforce Chief Health Officer, Dr. Fatima Paruk, and Lark Health CEO and Co-Founder Julie Hu disucssing virtual chronic condition prevention and management programs and processes — how health insurance providers should think about it, what they should look for when seeking an alternative solution, and how they can go about finding the right solution for their organization.

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In April 2022, Lark Health announced it has launched Lark for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to simplify care management for health plans and their members with enhanced technology, providing a simple and digestible way for members to engage in their care.

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