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Lark gives you an easy and proven way to help achieve your weight loss and health goals—at no cost to you.* It’s easy to get started.

*With participating health insurance

Lark has Partnered with Anthem for a 1-on-1 experience available 24/7 on your smartphone
You can receive a free smart scale and Fitbit® tracker too.

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Lark members lose an average of 9.1 pounds*.

Creating healthy habits and sticking to them is not easy. With Lark, you have a digital coach to provide health tips and personal insights 24/7, right from your smartphone. Get Lark and join countless others who have succeeded in meeting their health goals—without costing you a thing.

Track all of your health data

Lark tracks all your health data in one place, including weight readings, daily activity levels, sleep, meals, and more. Lark also uses data from the Apple Health app and Android HealthKit, your smart scale and Fitbit tracker to provide seamless coaching.

Log your meals

Track your meals for immediate feedback on how the foods you eat impact your health goals. It’s so easy, you can even use voice commands to input meals.

Real-time coaching

Your Lark coach guides you, sharing insights, tips, and encouragement plus personalized insights to help you develop new habits that last a lifetime.

Minutes a day makes big results

Just minutes a day with your Lark coach helps you understand how you’re tracking toward your health goals, giving encouragement every step of the way.

Real-time data and feedback on nutrition, activity, sleep and weight loss

Lark is your fun and engaging partner to help you create a healthier you!

Lark knows that creating healthy habits and making them stick requires coaching that’s personalized to you. With coaching, health content, and personal insights available 24/7 right on your smartphone, Lark is with you every step of the way – at no cost to you, for members of participating health insurance plans. Members in Lark’s Diabetes Prevention Program who have daily exchanges with the Lark coach and weigh themselves regularly lose more than 5% on average within a year!

Lark has helped countless others reach their health goals.
How can it help you?

”The biggest struggle for me when trying to lose weight/get healthy is being held accountable. I need that check in “person.” Lark is that! It’s also a cheerleader, motivator and educator. Very thankful for the app and the features which help me continue in a positive way towards my health goals!”

“In a little under a month I have lost 10lbs. This app keeps you engaged with little effort on your part. Easy to set up and very user friendly.”

“Talk about accountability partner…. this app helps and keeps you motivated to eat healthier and promotes positive thinking and doesn’t judge …. just everyday reminders to keep making good choices all-around…. love this app!!!”

”I love this app! It’s like having a friend that checks in on you. If I forget or get too busy to check in it will send me a reminder and it only takes a minute to input your info. It’s like texting to someone and is super easy. I love it and do recommend this to help you get healthy.”