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Modernize and scale care management with Lark

Six out of ten American adults struggle with at least one chronic condition. Consequently, around 90% of the total annual US healthcare expenditures are directed towards chronic condition management. This is why implementing Lark’s expanding AI-based platform can provide not only efficient scalability, but also greater access to 24/7 personalized care. Lark is ready to support members’ journeys across prevention and wellness, chronic disease, as well as stress and anxiety management.

Make a greater impact at scale

24 x 7 x 365 AI-based coaching allows for continuous and incremental improvements that hyper-personalize the member experience and set members up for long term success.

Optimize clinical resources

Lark alleviates cost and resource constraints of in-person and telephonic coaching care.

Increase member engagement

Lark allows you to employ a multi-channel approach to care, creating a personalized and delightful virtual care experience.


Average weight loss in one year*

9.6 lbs

Average weight lost by Lark members beyond 2 months in the program**


Achieve ≥5% weight loss in one year*

Scale, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor

Lark can help make a healthy lifestyle possible with connected devices

Lark's proprietary conversational app pairs seamlessly with a variety of smart devices to empower patients to consistently measure and learn from their health data. Lark's suite of available devices includes a smart scale, blood pressure monitor, and blood glucose monitor, that are dispatched directly to a patient's doorstep according to their program. It has been shown that patients with a connected smart device are more likely to record their data, and more likely to see positive outcomes like weight loss.

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