Healthy living, covered by insurance

Lark teams up with major insurance companies to give you free, around-the-clock help with your health. When you join Lark, you get the Lark Health app, a weight scale, and extras like joining a friendly online group and getting advice in live meetings. To find out if you can join, just take a quick survey to see if you're eligible.

Compassion is at the root of what we do

Lark works to deliver care that reflects our core values. Every conversation with your Lark coach is carefully crafted with compassion and understanding to help you succeed!

Rooted in science and clinically backed

Lark was developed alongside leading industry experts, and has received recognition from the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and more. Lark is also fully recognized by the CDC as a Diabetes Prevention Program that delivers the same benefits of other lengthy telephone-based or in-person wellness programs.

The accountability partner you need

Many people struggle to stay consistent when building healthy habits. Lark provides timely reminders throughout the day to keep you on track to reach your goals!

What is the Lark Coach?

Your digital health partner

The Lark mobile app helps you manage all areas of your health journey. Track and receive personalized coaching on nutrition, activity, sleep, weight, and more through simple chat messages.

Looking for more support? Joining Lark opens the door to a community of other users, as well as opportunities to receive live group coaching!
What is included in my program?

Measure your progress with an included smart scale

Your Lark app connects seamlessly with a smart scale. You’ll receive instant feedback on your measurements, and personalized coaching based on your habits. If eligible, you can easily order your device through the Lark app as part of your coaching program.

A Personalized Experience

CDC Certified Diabetes Prevention Program

Health coaching from your cellphone that you can access anytime, anywhere
26 simple lesson plans based on the official CDC curriculum for diabetes prevention
A connected smart scale delivered to your door

Personalized experience that responds to your activity, nutrition, and sleep patterns


Choose a goal that works for you

Get active
Eat better
Lose weight
Manage chronic conditions
Sleep better
Reduce stress and anxiety
Is Lark covered by your insurance?

Take the 1-minute survey to see if you qualify

Lark uses smart technology and behavior change science to help you create healthy habits that last!

One Step at a Time

Lark’s coach keeps a positive mindset, and offers constructive support to help you identify unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more positive ones.


Lark believes that if you want to do it, are able to do it, and you are reminded to do it, it will happen! Lark holds you accountable with timely notifications and nudges to stay on track.

Holistic Focus

Lark acknowledges that there’s no one way to get healthy! Emotions, social pressures, and habits are part of the choices we make, and Lark coaches around them all.

Positive Approach

Every Lark response was written with compassion. Your coach will always lead with your strengths, positive emotions, and the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Making an Impact

My Lark Story

Every health journey is unique. See how Steven got his diabetes under control, lowering his A1c numbers, and began to see a healthier future using Lark. Understand how Lark’s cutting-edge AI technology, smart connected devices, and expert coaching helped him create the foundation for lasting change.


Lark success stories

Lark has served over 2 million members to date, and is growing that number every day. Our members love partnering with their digital Lark coach who supports their goals one step at a time!

"I joined Lark a year ago and I reached my weight loss goal, it feels amazing! I have more energy and feel better than I have in years. Thank you, Lark, for helping me"

Lisa, 65 yrs old
80 lbs lost

"65 lbs down and 100 times happier. Keep going even when you think it's not working because small losses add up in the end."

Sandy, 60 yrs old
65 lbs lost

"Got my Fitbit yesterday! I'm also excited that I'm down 21 pounds as of this morning. If you stick with it, you will see results."

Celeste, 54 yrs old
21 lbs lost

"I finally got below 200 lbs! My A1C has also gone down from pre-diabetic to normal. If you stick with this, it works!"

Tabitha, 42 yrs old
Goal weight of under 200lbs, normalized A1C

"I started my weight loss journey at 280 lbs plus and faced serious health issues. As of today, I'm weighing in at 196 lbs. Even though my battle is far from over I have never felt better."

Robbie, 57 yrs old
84 lbs lost