On a mission to deliver compassionate care at scale.

Lark is making a healthy lifestyle achievable, accessible, and affordable for those who need it.

Our company values

Innovate to Better Health

At Lark we apply leading-edge technologies to the prevention and management of chronic conditions.  We’re innovating how, when, and where care can be delivered.

Driven to Impact

At Lark we care deeply about the impact of our products and relationships. We make tough decisions, knowing there are tradeoffs with everything we do to reach our end goal…improving health outcomes for all we serve.

Act with Compassion

At Lark we believe that every person deserves care and compassion.  We honor the humanity of our patients.  We foster a culture where everyone is met with respect while showing up as their authentic selves.

Together, We Win

At Lark we recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a team, we engage with positive intent, collaborate with kindness, and support each other in achieving our shared goals.

Freedom to Be Awesome

At Lark we are trusted to take risks, are expected to be curious, and have fun along the way.  We have the freedom to be awesome!

Where we began

Rooted in real experience, and driven by a vision.

Julia Hu, our Founder, has managed her own chronic disease since childhood. While she struggled with the challenges of her condition, she dreamed of a better, more supportive, more compassionate solution that would improve access to chronic disease management and prevention tools. In 2011, she teamed up with experts from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT to found Lark.

Where we are now

A fast growing team dedicated to the mission.

You won’t find a more compassionate group of individuals than we have working at Lark. Working here is to be amongst people who truly want to make a difference—including large cross-disciplinary teams where clinicians, behavioral scientists, and developers work hand-in-hand to tackle problems from every conceivable angle.

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Where we are going

Outcomes that inform the future of virtual care.

Here at Lark, we are proving our concept day in and day out in the form of tangible data, and meaningful health outcomes. We have a clinical research team that works hard to ensure that we are walking-the-walk, and a robust data team that works with our partners to demonstrate the ROI that Lark provides. Our innovative team continues to move the product and promise forward, as we strive to achieve virtual care impact like never before.

We believe everyone deserves affordable care where and when they need it.


One-on-one coaching, available 24/7.

1-on-1 and available 24/7 via chat, the Lark Coach always respond within 2 seconds, even at 1AM on Saturday. Every conversation is carefully crafted with compassion and expertise by our designers and clinical team. A.I. technology makes those conversations available wherever, whenever, so that we never leave anyone hanging.

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Smart connected devices and real-time feedback.

Lark is your smart data aggregation partner, seamlessly merging health data from 95% of all smart phones, and 70+ health monitors and apps, and providing you with unprecedented member engagement and outcomes data. We want to understand our users and their unique data, and empower them to understand themselves! Providing the right tools and smart devices is just the beginning.

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Readily available text conversations turn health into habit.

Lark is compatible with most smartphones, and makes it easy to make progress on the go, and make time for healthy changes! Chatting with the Lark coach helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle while avoiding appointments, and long phone conversations. Lark's proven text-based approach offers the same benefits as telephonic or in-person wellness, but through a more effective and scalable platform.

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Check out white papers and peer-reviewed studies across different conditions and populations to see how Lark is changing the game!

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Lark's leadership team embodies excellence in the clinical, technical, and relationship space.

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Find tips and tricks related to behavior change, seasonal challenges, specific conditions, and more on our blog.

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