Measurable Outcomes

Lark's award winning A.I-augmented chronic disease management platform has been proven in 13 studies, trials, and analyst reports for its clinical outcomes. Lark has rapidly become the 2nd largest Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) provider and the fastest growing company in Diabetes and Hypertension disease management.


We Work with Health Plans and Employers
to Manage and Prevent Chronic Conditions.

Lark can help your enterprise reduce cost for chronic conditions such as diabetes through DPPs.
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"Clinical Outcomes from a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program in Older Adults"

Here we focus on percent weight loss at 1 year since joining the program. This study of 360 participants in Lark’s DPP demonstrates that Lark is a scalable and effective solution for engaging and achieving long-term, clinically significant, weight loss in older adults.


Lark Health shows positive clinical outcomes for those with pre diabetes.
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"Clinical Outcomes from a Digital Hypertension Management Program"

Here we focus on reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as members' feelings of self-efficacy at the 6 month mark. This study of 155 participants in Lark’s Hypertension Care program demonstrates that Lark is a scalable and effective solution for controlling hypertension.


5x Your Enrollment

Lark's growth marketing team leads campaigns that enroll more than 5x more participants than campaigns run by the payor or employer.


Drive Engagement

85% of Lark users increase physical activity levels by 25% or more, and 82% lose weight, driving long-term cost savings across your population.

Lark Health shows higher engagement in behavior change, such as diabetes prevention programs.
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Clinical Outcomes that Scale

Recognized by the top healthcare organizations, Lark Health's A.I is the first to have achieved superior clinical outcomes compared to live healthcare professionals in diabetes prevention, hypertension management, weight loss, medication adherence, improved exercise, meal healthiness, self efficacy, behavior change, and more. Learn about Lark's DPP, Diabetes Type II Management, Hypertension Management, medication adherence, and more outcomes and studies by clicking on the icons below, or reach out to us.

Lark Health is Fully CDC Recognized for its DPP. and Accredited Medicaid

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Lark Health Performance Billing

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There’s no risk in offering it to everyone: we only charge when your members use Lark coaches and achieve outcomes.

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Only pay for members who use Lark. Our PEMPM costs save clients 80% and allow our partners to offer a new level of service to every valued member.


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