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Why I chose Lark

Every health journey is unique. See how Steven got his diabetes under control, lowering his A1c numbers, and began to see a healthier future using Lark. Understand how Lark’s cutting-edge AI technology, smart connected devices, and expert coaching helped him create the foundation for lasting change.

The perfect tools to unlock a healthier you

Reach your health goals

Lark helps you choose your health goals and a timeline and works with you step-by-step to achieve those goals. 

Find the right resources

Get the latest healthcare resources and advice or Lark can connect you directly to healthcare providers or other resources if you need additional information or advice. 

Create healthy habits

Lark provides a range of health and wellness support, helping you create healthy habits that last a lifetime—from healthy eating habits to stress and anxiety management. 

Learn about your body & mind

Build independence and understanding through daily tips on a variety of health-related topics. All provided through brief conversations that can quickly and easily fit into your busy day. 

Easy to access, and easy to use

Lark delivers a 1-on-1 experience 24/7 on your smartphone, responding immediately anytime that works for you. Lark provides quick and personalized health coaching through friendly chat messages. No appointments. No waiting. All while delivering the same benefits of other lengthy telephone-based or in-person wellness programs. Lark provides a highly personal experience that fits into your lifestyle, your schedule, and your health goals.

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A unique coaching plan tailored to YOU

Everyone starts their health journey in a different place. Lark makes sure you receive care that’s appropriate to you starting with our simple enrollment quiz. After a few easy questions, Lark pairs you with a plan dedicated to your health needs. Once you get started, Lark keeps track of activity and sleep data by integrating with different health apps on your smartphone. Through short daily check-ins, your coach also learns about your diet and other health metrics that help provide you with highly-personalized insights and advice.

“65 lbs down and 100 times happier. Keep going even when you think it's not working because small losses add up in the end. About 30 more lbs to go!”

Robert, Age 60
65 lbs lost

“I joined Lark a year ago and chose my weight loss goal. Today, I reached that goal and it feels amazing! I have more energy and feel better than I have in years.”

Lisa, Age 65
80 lbs lost

I finally got below 200! It's the first time in a long time that I've consistently stayed below 200. My A1C has also gone down to normal from pre-diabetic.

Tabitha, Age 45
Below 200 lbs and normalized A1C

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