Scalable Diabetes Care is Possible.


Lark has rapidly become the fastest growing company in Diabetes disease management, and the only scalable, clinically validated platform with AI health coaching and easy-to-use glucometers and smart strip refills. Learn how.


Providing lifelong change, one step at a time

Every member with Diabetes deserves care and compassion. Unlike any other program, Lark is able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from their Personal Lark Health Coach, thanks to cutting edge A.I. health coaching and monitoring technology. With 20,833 nurse equivalents through the power of A.I,  we deliver evidence-based care in an award-winning experience that evolves with data & interactions, making it infinitely more intelligent & effective. Combined with a smart connected glucometer with unlimited strips and medication adherence tools, Lark delivers A1C control at scale.

Lark Health Diabetes

Personal Diabetes Management

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach, driven by clinically-validated and highly scalable A.I, will respond within seconds when members need support most. Reducing admissions, improving medication adherence, and driving long-term self efficacy is in your hands. Literally.


24/7 Monitoring and Coaching

Every member is different, and bringing one's diabetes under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Clinical guidelines are critical, but Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Bill's blood sugar, while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Betty's more. Interpretive support ensures they understand their readings better than if they were left to figure them out on their own. Lark's AI-augmented coaching learns and adjusts advice according to each members' data-driven profile. Welcome to Healthcare 3.0.

Lark Health

Lark Health Diabetes ADA

Clinical Guidelines, Personal Touch

Our Lark Health Coaches are trained to coach members with gold standard programs unique to Diabetes, Hypertension, and Prediabetes. With the equivalent of 20,833 live professionals, Lark's infinitely scalable A.I, text-based and clinically validated chronic disease management is healthcare 3.0.



Predictive Triage

At clinically defined times, your members' Lark Health Coach will to connect them with the right clinical resource whilst sharing all relevant lead-up data such as glucose levels, activity, medication adherence, and nutrition in real-time. Let your care management teams receive important calls when a blood sugar spike occurs rather than spending their time trying to get members on the phone in the first place.

Lark Health Diabetes

Lark Health Diabetes Get Unlimited Strips

Easy Strip Refills

Managing diabetes is hard enough as it is. Let members' Lark Health Coaches text them refill suggestions and fulfill the orders in the app. Lark is smart enough to know when your members are running low on strips based on testing data, then to make sure they're delivered to their doorstep at the perfect time. 

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Does Lifestyle Intervention Improve Medical Costs in Type 2 Diabetes?

"ILI led to reductions in annual hospitalizations (11%...), hospital days (15%...), and number of medications (6%...), resulting in cost savings for hospitalization (10%...) and medication (7%...) ILI produced a mean relative per-person 10-year cost savings of $5,280"