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Provide accessible diabetes care at scale

Diabetes is a devastating, widespread, and expensive condition affecting 1-in-10 American adults–and rising. Fortunately, self-management can reduce the risk of diabetes complications. This can include weight management, healthy eating, physical activity, taking diabetes medications, and monitoring blood sugar. Lark Diabetes Care program offers the support many patients need on a daily basis to control their diabetes, and can be delivered rapidly at scale.

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Lark is for anyone with diabetes, not just the most acute cases

Lark helps members gain better control of their diabetes using connected devices and digital health coaching that drives long term results—at less than half the cost. The diabetes plan includes:

An easy-to-use, cellular-connected glucometer
24/7, personalized access to coaching to help members understand and manage diabetes through nutrition, activity, medication, and other factors
Treatment of the whole person, including optional weight loss and tobacco cessation coaching
Escalation to telephonic care for severe blood sugar shifts, problems with medication, and more
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Lark delivers value and closes gaps in care

Lark’s Diabetes Care program tracks key medical appointments, A1c tests, kidney disease screenings, eye exams, flu shots, blood pressure tests, and cholesterol tests to close gaps in care and improve members' health through care coordination. Lark coaching also tracks medication adherence for members, helping address barriers when medication adherence is reported at less than 100%. Lark’s data tracking platform covers glucose, activity, nutrition, and sleep, illuminating trends of physical health and activity over time. Clinically defined crises, such as severe glucose spikes or barriers to medication adherence, can trigger Lark to connect members to a telephonic or virtual resource and to share relevant information, such as glucose levels and medication adherence patterns.

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“65 lbs down and 100 times happier. Keep going even when you think it's not working because small losses add up in the end. About 30 more lbs to go!”

Robert, Age 60
65 lbs lost

“I joined Lark a year ago and chose my weight loss goal. Today, I reached that goal and it feels amazing! I have more energy and feel better than I have in years.”

Lisa, Age 65
80 lbs lost

I finally got below 200! It's the first time in a long time that I've consistently stayed below 200. My A1C has also gone down to normal from pre-diabetic.

Tabitha, Age 45
Below 200 lbs and normalized A1C
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Lark can help make life with diabetes easier

Managing diabetes is hard. You can make it easier for your members. Using testing data, Lark even knows when a member is running low on test strips and can text reminders to refill them. Orders can be fulfilled in the app ensuring they’re delivered to their doorstep on time. Results can include enhanced adherence, improved data, and what matters most—better patient outcomes.


A1C reduction over 6 months for those with average A1c >= 8*

*Based on Lark program data


A1C reduction over 6 months for those with average A1c >= 8*

*Based on Lark program data
Success Stories

Steven's healthy journey with Lark

Every health journey is unique. See how Steven got his diabetes under control, lowering his A1c numbers, and began to see a healthier future using Lark. Understand how Lark’s cutting-edge AI technology, smart connected devices, and expert coaching helped him create the foundation for lasting change.

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