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Connected smart blood pressure monitor, A.I-augmented expert coaching, and a deeply personal journey to heart health. Hypertension costs the U.S an incremental $131 billion per year: Let’s control it at scale with the only digital health platform proven to do so.



Analysis Shows AI Health Coaching Coupled with Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Leads to Significant Reduction in Blood Pressure

Download the full white paper here to see how real-time coaching through artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with a connected home blood pressure monitoring device helped members control their hypertension in the Lark Hypertension study from Omron.

Lark Hypertension study

October 22nd | 10 AM - 11 AM PT (1 PM - 2 PM ET)


The Power of AI to Manage Hypertension: An In-Depth Look at Lark and Omron Healthcare, Inc.’s Innovative Solution to the Problem

In this webinar, we will discuss a brand new analysis released in partnership with Omron Healthcare, Inc., maker of connected blood pressure monitors, of how Lark AI coaching paired with a connected blood pressure monitor can impact population-level hypertension. Participants who enrolled in Lark’s Hypertension Program experienced a sustained average blood pressure reduction of 8.4/6.4 mm Hg at month 6.

Please join Lark’s Head of Employer Sales, Ailene Bui, as she discusses the following topics:

Lark Hypertension Outcomes
  • Initial results from the analysis
  • How an AI-augmented platform, paired with connected devices, can help employees manage chronic conditions
  • Implications for employer cost-savings

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Aileen Bui: Head of Employer Sales at Lark Health

Ailene is Head of Employer Sales at Lark Health, where she brings over 15 years of experience in health technology as Regional VP of Sales for Hinge Health and a Sales Leader on Fitbit's Health Solutions team. Ailene received her MPH from the UCLA Field School of Public Health with a focus on health policy and management.


Kevin Delury: VP Healthcare Operations

A seasoned healthcare leader for 15 years, Kevin has held leadership roles at Booz Allen Hamilton, Blue Shield of California and Castlight Health. He received his MBA from UC Davis.


"A.I represents the most realistic and only scalable, clinically validated way to help millions of patients" reach blood pressure guidelines.

Read more from Lark's CEO, Julia Hu in HealthcareDive"


A Journey to Heart Health that Members Love

Lark Health: clinically validated hypertension outcomes

Real-Time, Personalized Blood Pressure Feedback

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach, driven by clinically-validated and highly scalable A.I, will respond within seconds when members need support most for their hypertension needs. Reducing admissions, improving medication adherence, and driving long-term self efficacy is in your hands. Literally.


24/7 Monitoring with A.I

Every member is different, and bringing one's blood pressure under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Jane's blood pressure while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Jack's more. Strict medication adherence is always a good clinical guideline, but what if the current medication gives Jack cravings and makes him sleep more, leading to less energy and activity? Lark knows and evolves with the members’ interactions.

Lark Health shows positive clinical outcomes for hypertension

Lark Health Hypertension clinical outcomes that is clinically validated

Enhanced Care Management

At clinically defined triggers such as severe blood pressure spikes or problems with medication, Lark can connect your member with a telephonic or virtual resource while sharing all relevant lead-up data such as device data levels, medication data, and behavioral data.

Clinically Superior Outcomes

Lark’s digital hypertension care platform is based on the American Heart Association (AHA)’s guidelines. This program builds on Lark’s lifestyle coaching platform, which was developed by experts at Stanford and Harvard, and has been Fully Recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for it’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) outcomes.

Digital therapeutics designed with the AHA in mind to help those with hypertension