Hypertension Management at Scale Is Possible.

Supercharge your population health strategy and provide unlimited, personal counseling to each patient. Lark's AI-augmented care platform is infinitely scalable yet deeply personal. Lark has rapidly become the fastest growing company in Diabetes and Hypertension disease management. Learn why.


Hypertension Outcomes for Lark Users

As of October 2018, the ongoing study has shown Lark’s A.I., combined with an integrated blood pressure cuff, has led to the initial outcomes equivalent to putting a patient on medication exclusively through lifestyle intervention.**

Clinical Outcomes of Lark Health’s behavior change Hypertension management were shown to be just as effective as medication.
Lark Health’s digital therapeutics helps those with Hypertension management coaching.
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Be Among the First to See the Results

Be one of the first to see the results of Lark's landmark 2-year Randomized controlled trial showing the impact of Lark AI for Hypertension + the integrated cuff.


"Artificial Intelligence represents the most realistic and only scalable, clinically-validated way to help millions of patients.”

Read more from Lark's CEO, Julia Hu in Healthcaredive"

Providing lifelong change, one step at a time

Hypertension affects about 75 million Americans, one out of three adults. It is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes), resulting in about 1,000 deaths per day. Only 50 percent of patients have their blood pressure adequately managed, demanding a better solution. Unlike any other program, we’re able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from their Personal Lark Coach, thanks to cutting edge AI health monitoring technology that is clinically validated. With 20,833 nurse equivalents through the power of AI, we deliver evidence-based care in an award-winning experience that evolves with data & interactions, making it infinitely more intelligent & effective in clinical outcomes.

Lark Health: clinically validated hypertension outcomes

1-on-1 Personal Hypertension Management

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach, driven by clinically-validated and highly scalable A.I, will respond within seconds when members need support most for their hypertension needs. Reducing admissions, improving medication adherence, and driving long-term self efficacy is in your hands. Literally.

24/7 Monitoring with A.I

We deliver the necessary tools to members’ homes, already linked to their Lark Coach so she can monitor their hypertension progress. Every member is different, and bringing one's blood pressure under control is not a one-size-fits-all clinical approach. Clinical guidelines are critical, but Lark recognizes that diet may be a stronger contributor to Jane's blood pressure while a sedentary lifestyle impacts Jack's more. Strict medication adherence is always a good clinical guideline, but what if the current medication gives Jack cravings and makes him sleep more, leading to less energy and activity? Lark's A.I learns and adjusts coaching according to each members' specific, ever-changing data-driven model. Welcome to Healthcare 3.0. 

Lark Health shows positive clinical outcomes for hypertension

Lark Health Hypertension clinical outcomes that is clinically validated

Predictive Triage

At clinically defined times, each member's Lark Coach is able to connect them with the right clinical resource whilst sharing all relevant lead-up device and hypertension adherence data in real-time. Let your care management team receive important calls when a blood pressure spike occurs or a member has been consistently in-adherent rather than spending their time trying to get members on the phone in the first place.

Clinically Superior Outcomes

Lark Health has created a digital hypertension self ­management program based on the American Heart Association (AHA)’s guidelines. This program builds on Lark’s lifestyle coaching platform, which was developed by experts at Stanford and Harvard, and has been Fully Recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an approved Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Lark Health also released Diabetes Type 2 Management earlier in 2016.

Digital therapeutics designed with the AHA in mind to help those with hypertension
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Watch the A.I Coach in Action