We are passionate about providing scalable virtual care.

Lark's leadership team embodies excellence in the clinical, technical, and relationship space. With a world class combination of leaders driven by a common mission, we settle for nothing but the best for our team, partners, and users.

Our Leadership

Julia Hu
CEO, Co-founder
Jeff Zira
CTo, CO-founder
Darren Eckberg Lark Health
Darren Eckberg
Chief Growth Officer
Headshot of Peter Antall
Dr. Peter Antall
Chief Medical Officer
Headshot of Sharon Alavi-Hantman
Sharon Alavi-Hantman
General Counsel
Headshot of Almaz Dawit
Almaz Dawit
Vice President of Clinical Accounts
Allison Braly
Allison Braly
Vice President of Clinical Operations at Lark
Chad Kanick - Lark Health
Chad Kanick
Vice President of Data & Business Insights
Headshot of Magnus Hedemark
Magnus Hedemark
Vice President of Engineering
Headshot of Olia Hibbard
Olia Hibbard
Vice President of Finance
Headshot of Iveta Brigis
Iveta Brigis
Vice President of People Operations
Headshot of Melissa Ross
Melissa Ross
Vice President of Strategic Operations

Board Members

Headshot of Julia Hu
Julia Hu
CEO, Co-founder
Headshot of Jeff Zira
Jeff Zira
CTO, Co-founder
Headshot of Weili Dai
Weili Dai
Chairman, Lark; Co-founder & Former President, Marvell Technology Group
Headshot of Gwen C. Edwards
Gwen C. Edwards
Executive Leader, Investor, Advisor and Board Member
Headshot of Bharath Ganesan
Bharath Ganesan
Principal, Deerfield
Headshot of Zebediah Rice
Zebediah Rice
Co-founder & Partner, King River Capital
Danielle Russella headshot
Danielle Russella
Board Member
Placeholder headshot
Anant Ahuja
Investment Partner, PFM Health Sciences (Board Observer)
Headshot of Anis Uzzaman
Anis Uzzaman
General Partner, Pegasus Tech Ventures
Headshot of Steven Kornfeld
Steven Kornfeld
Partner, Castle Peak Partners (Board Observer)

Clinical Advisors

Headshot Baba Shiv, PhD
Baba Shiv, PhD
Neuroeconomics-behavior Change, Stanford University Professor
Headshot of Cheri Mah
Cheri Mah, MS
NFL, NBA, & Olympic Coach, Sleep Expert
Headshot of Cora Tellez
Cora Tellez
Former CEO Health Net
Headshot of Dr. Jo Solet
Dr. Jo Solet
Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Medicine, Harvard Medical School Professor
Headshot of Heather Milton
Heather Milton
Cardiopulmonary Specialist, Exercise Physiologist & Performance Coach at NYU Medical Center
Headshot of Hyungsoo Kim
Hyungsoo Kim
Human Body Clock Expert
Headshot of Itai Vonshak
Itai Vonshak
Behavior Change Design, VP Intel, LG, HP
Headshot of Jonathan Fielding
Jonathan Fielding
Senior Clinical Advisor
Headshot of Judy Caplan
Judy Caplan
Dietitian, Founder of Nutrition Ammunition
Headshot of Natalie Stein
Natalie Stein
Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Assistant Professor of Public Health
Headshot of Paul Zhang
Paul Zhang
Pharma Executive, Partner, Bluestar Bioadvisors
Headshot of Robert Gabbay
Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD
Senior Medical Advisor

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