Because everyone with a chronic condition deserves care & compassion

That’s why we combined cutting edge AI with behavior change design to create an infinitely scalable personalized care management platform, clinically validated to deliver positive health outcomes across the most crippling chronic diseases.

Lark was rated “Best of 2016” by Google
Lark is "Best of the Year" in Health category - Google
Top 10 Apps - Apple 2015
The Lark App is “Top 10” Consumer Experience out of all 2 Million. - Apple
Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World
Lark gets Full CDC Recognition for DPP Outcomes
JMIR Publications
Lark is Peer Reviewed as the 1st digital DPP with superior outcomes to in-person averages
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Providing Lifelong Behavioral Change to Members

Unlike any other chronic disease management platform, we’re able to offer every member unlimited 1-on-1 support from their Personal Lark Coach, thanks to cutting edge A.I-augmented health coaches, and simple monitoring technology. We deliver evidence-based care in an award-winning experience that evolves with data & interactions, making it infinitely more intelligent & effective than comparable solutions.

1-on-1 Personal Health Coaching

Unlimited, 24/7, real-time help. A dedicated Lark Coach will respond within seconds when members need support most to help support behavior change.

Lark Health can help you monitor your health 24/7 to create behavior change.

24/7 Health Monitoring

We deliver the necessary tools to members’ homes, already linked to their Lark Coach so she can monitor progress.

Lark Health is Fully Recognized by the CDC for its DPP.

Clinically-Validated Coaching

Designed with Harvard and Stanford health experts, our Lark Coaches are trained to deliver clinically validated curriculum.

Lark helps those with chronic conditions with digital therapeutics.

Enhanced Care Management

At clinically critical times, our Lark Coach will connect members with clinical staff or coaches. 


Identify, Enroll, and Engage Easily

Identify the populations who have chronic conditions using eligibility via Lark Health.

Identify Population

Lark helps you identify individuals in your population who have chronic conditions using eligibility files or claims data.

Verify your populations in real-time to show whether a member is eligible for a prevention program.

Verify Population

We enable real-time verification to show whether a member is eligible for the benefit to ensure a seamless member experience.

Enroll your population with our out-of-the box care management solutions.

Enroll Population

We provide an out-of-the box enrollment strategy to engage members across digital & offline channels, resulting in over 80% enrollment rates*.